December 15, Sunrise, Sparrows and Sunset

Two pictures of the sunrise. Iplayed around with a new software to come up with the second photo.

These two are after the sun came up.

The five elbow are of my winged friend who keep me entertained.

As the sun sets on the 15th I snapped this shot.


December  12 & 13

On the 12th I was driving down the road and had to stop to take this photo on my phone.

These were taken on the 13th as I was on my way to mom & dad’s house. I love how the tree, bark and all look. This is along the Maumee River. I really played around with the second one.

These pretty little red leaves were out in our back yard. I thought they looked kind of neat.

December 11, 2020

What a day. I was able to get outside for a change. It was nice to take pictures of more than just birds.

The first five pictures were taken around our pines. Not sure what will come out of the cocoon. The next two photos were of weeds. I really like the grass shot. Next is Toothless my son’s cat. Last but not least is a Sparrow.