Black and White Mums Photo Coaster and Photo Plaque

Black and White Mums Photo Coaster and Photo Plaque

I really like the black and white photo. I need to do more photos this way. Well enough about that.
This is my new coaster and plaque. I do like making them. It’s relaxing and fun. I am working on clocks made with tiles that are 6×6 inches and could be hung or set on a display like my coaster / plaques. I am trying to finding the clock mechanism at a decent price to keep the cost of the clock down. If you know where to find good clock mechanisms at a decent cost let me know. Right now I am looking at Cherry Tree Toys.

I also need to do more with my photo magnets. I like them and they are fun to make also. I hope to have some more new items in my store also. While in Columbus Ohio for a Tole Painting Convention, my wife paints and buys supplies their, I saw many different wood items that would make great backgrounds and items for my photos.

Well I better let you go. Here is the web site for my etsy store. Please stop by and brows around. We also have a art supply store that sells Martin F Weber and Martin Universal items. I will post both sites.
For my coaster / plaques / magnets visit:
For our art store visit: Everything in the store has free shipping. Please stop and check out what we have to offer. I still have more to add. If you don’t see what you are looking for just send me an email.


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