Photo Coaster 0001C Fall at Chain O Lakes

This is my first coaster plaque I made. I have been making coaster plaques for a couple years. I have been working at perfecting them. You might think what is there to perfect? Slap a photo to a tile and seal it with a varnish or Mod Podge. At first I thought that would work also. My problem was it wouldn’t hold up to coffee or other hot drinks without leaving rings in the glaze or Mod Podge. I found I could use a spray varnish and this seemed to work for a while. The heat from the mugs cracked the spray varnish. It wasn’t until I was search the web that I ran across someone who used epoxy resin. This is amazing stuff. It held up to everything a coaster would see. Hot or cold my test coasters held up and after a year with my test subjects they still look as good as when they received them. I thank my testers for their hard work drinking all that coffee.
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