Whippersnappers Vol. 10 by Helan Barrick Tole Painting Book FI165

by PhotographyByRoger (4.49 USD) http://ift.tt/1Q2ykBx

Handmade Photo Coaster Helenium, FI44

by PhotographyByRoger (5.65 USD) http://ift.tt/1VxmaEB

Large Handmade Chalkboard Eraser, Blackboard Eraser, Dry Erase Eraser, FI147

by PhotographyByRoger (8.25 USD) http://ift.tt/1PqgHB7

I have a lot of making these erasers. It started out I made a mini eraser that did well and then I had a request for a larger eraser. The request became my medium size. After a little bit, someone was looking for a larger eraser still. Now I sell three sizes the mini, medium, and the large. I would like to make some chalkboards sometime too.
Hope you like them.