Harvest Time

Harvest time brings back memories when I worked for a neighbor who farmed. Harvest was a busy time of year. It was hard work but we had some fun along the way. I sometimes miss those days. 



Fall is a wonderful time of year. I love the temperature fall brings. No more hot muggy days. Leaves change colors and it looks like an artist painted the trees. One more reason to like fall. Mowing comes to an end! 

Custom Resin Coasters

  • Here are two of six custom coasters I am making for a person. They had these paper coasters from Ireland and wanted to know if I could place them in resin to protect them. I plan on offering this custom service on my Etsy shop DovesClosetInc. If it takes off I will purchase more molds. I had to purchase a 5 inch round mold for their coasters.