Custom Beer Coaster

Here is a custom order I made for a person. They supplied me with the paper coaster they wanted in resin and I did the rest. The paper coaster was 4 inches  and once complete it is 5 inches. I give a brief description of how to make one below.

To make this you need to seal the paper coaster with Mod Podge or some other sealer. While that dries you mix up 30 cc’s  of resin. This will be the base. Once you pour the resin in the mold, you want to let it set for a couple minutes to let any bubbles rise to the surface. Then you want to pop the bubbles by using a long grill lighter running over the top.

Now the fun begins. After you let the resin cure for 12 or so hours, you are ready for the next step. I mix up around 10 cc’s of resin and pour it in the mold. This will give just enough to cover the bottom. I then take a little of the resin I just poured and brush it on the back of the paper coaster. Once that is done I place the Coaster in the molded. Place the resin side down. This helps with air bubbles. I center the Coaster and let it cure. Check to see if any bubbles former and with great care pop them. I use a dental pick here. If you get the flame to close to the Coaster you will discolor the Modern Podge. 

Once that sets up I pour the final coating of resin. The amount will vary on the thickness you desire but I usually pour between 40 to 60 cc’s. You want the paper Coaster covered with resin. Once this cures a few days I will sand any rough edges and put 4 rubber bumpers on the bottom to protect the furniture.

This was a brief description of the steps I use to create  one the resin coasters. To see some of my other coasters check out my shop at Doves Closet Inc.


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