Skull Head Handmade Resin Coaster Set of Four


Skull Head Handmade Resin Coasters will hold your hot or cold drinks and look good doing it. You will receive the set of four coasters like the one you see in the pictures. You may use them for a coaster, paperweight or just want to display it knowing you have a one of a kind item. I can make more but they will not be exactly the same.

The coasters are 4 inches round by 3/8 inch thick. The coasters are made with epoxy resin, googly eye skull stickers, colored dye and rubber bumpers to protect your furniture. These are handmade coasters and with that said there may be some bubbles in the coasters due to the mixing and pouring of the resin.

To clean use a damp rag. The coaster is not dishwasher safe. This is not a trivet. Use for your hot or cold drinks only.

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Brick Barn

Down the road from us sits this beautiful brick barn. The owner of the property said he did some research and found out the bricks were made just a couple miles away as the crow flies. The barn was designed to house pigs on one side and had places for cows on the other. 

What you see is the good side of the building. The back is missing. It was damaged when a tree fell on it before the current owner bought the place. The nice thing is he wants to restore the barn and maybe get a few pigs. I doubt he will be able to replace the old bricks but would love to see the barn restored.