Two dog sketches 

Here are a couple of sketches my wife just finished. The person wanted the sketches to remember thier pet which died. 


# 10 Round Barn


This photo I called “Round Barn” can be found in LaPorte Indiana. We were on our way to Michigan City when we came upon it. I know of a few other round barns in the area but as of yet haven’t taken any photos of them. I guess this means a road trip.

 Sometimes it’s better taking the back roads because of what you might find. One year we did a vacation close to home and was amazed at the  history around Puru and Kokomo Indiana.

# 9 Purple Flower 2


I just love how there are so many different flowers. That means many pictures of different flowers. I like that, I like that a lot. My biggest problem comes with finding the names of many of these flowers, weeds, or what. What drove me to this flower was the color. I like the color and how deep the color is near the top of the flower.

Two custom photo coaster plaque orders.

It was a great weekend. Not only did I get a lot done outside but I had two orders for custom photo coaster plaques from two different people. Yeah!!! In fact I was told they would have more orders for me.

Here is a set I made for a wedding. I was supplied with the photos and had to crop them for the tiles.

IMG_0728 IMG_0729 IMG_0730 IMG_0731

# 8 Rainforest Waterfall

0004CRainforest Waterfall was taken at the Zoo in Fort Wayne. I was standing behind the falls looking into the mist. As you may be able to tell I also changed the colors a little. This little bit of the rainforest trapped in a dome always gives me things to take photos of. You will find beautiful flowers, banana trees with banana’s, Birds and bamboo.

Here is a little unknown fact. Some of the bamboo found in the rainforest at Fort Wayne Zoo was from one of our friends. He also gave us some but ours never took off. I really think bamboo is cool and wish ours would take off like our friends.

If you are ever in Fort Wayne during the summer months check out the Zoo. I don’t think you will be disappointed.