Brick Barn

Down the road from us sits this beautiful brick barn. The owner of the property said he did some research and found out the bricks were made just a couple miles away as the crow flies. The barn was designed to house pigs on one side and had places for cows on the other. 

What you see is the good side of the building. The back is missing. It was damaged when a tree fell on it before the current owner bought the place. The nice thing is he wants to restore the barn and maybe get a few pigs. I doubt he will be able to replace the old bricks but would love to see the barn restored. 


Black and White Mums Photo Coaster and Photo Plaque

Black and White Mums Photo Coaster and Photo Plaque

I really like the black and white photo. I need to do more photos this way. Well enough about that.
This is my new coaster and plaque. I do like making them. It’s relaxing and fun. I am working on clocks made with tiles that are 6×6 inches and could be hung or set on a display like my coaster / plaques. I am trying to finding the clock mechanism at a decent price to keep the cost of the clock down. If you know where to find good clock mechanisms at a decent cost let me know. Right now I am looking at Cherry Tree Toys.

I also need to do more with my photo magnets. I like them and they are fun to make also. I hope to have some more new items in my store also. While in Columbus Ohio for a Tole Painting Convention, my wife paints and buys supplies their, I saw many different wood items that would make great backgrounds and items for my photos.

Well I better let you go. Here is the web site for my etsy store. Please stop by and brows around. We also have a art supply store that sells Martin F Weber and Martin Universal items. I will post both sites.
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