Fan Fungus Photo Coaster and Photo Plaque

Fan Fungus Photo Coaster and Photo Plaque

My new coaster / plaque photo came while we were at Chain O Lakes. We love to camp, hike and kayak their. There are so many flowers and fungus to photograph that I don’t think I could ever get tired of taking photos of them.

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Pet Boxer Photo Coaster and Photo Plaque

Pet Boxer Photo Coaster and Photo Plaque

Here is my coaster / plaque I call “Pet Boxer”. This is a photo of my wifes sketch of a boxer. She likes to sketch and oil paint. She has done hummingbirds and different landscapes in oil as well as pets on canvas and plaques.Stop by and view my other coasters / plaques at

Old Birdhouse Photo Coaster and Photo Plaque

Old Birdhouse Photo Coaster and Photo Plaque

My new coaster / plaque called Old Birdhouse was taken at the Acres Land Trust in Allen county in Indiana. Wouldn’t this look good on your desk with your favorite drink resting on it? How about as a plaque where all your friends will see it.
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Doves Closet

Doves Closet

How many of you ever heard of Martin F Weber or Martin Universal art products? They just happen have many different items from craft tables to paints and so much more.

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Flowers Heart Photo Coaster and Photo Plaque

Flowers Heart Photo Coaster and Photo Plaque

This is my close up photo of a flower I took at the zoo. I really like the way it turned out. The color is great.

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Black and White Mums Photo Coaster and Photo Plaque

Black and White Mums Photo Coaster and Photo Plaque

I really like the black and white photo. I need to do more photos this way. Well enough about that.
This is my new coaster and plaque. I do like making them. It’s relaxing and fun. I am working on clocks made with tiles that are 6×6 inches and could be hung or set on a display like my coaster / plaques. I am trying to finding the clock mechanism at a decent price to keep the cost of the clock down. If you know where to find good clock mechanisms at a decent cost let me know. Right now I am looking at Cherry Tree Toys.

I also need to do more with my photo magnets. I like them and they are fun to make also. I hope to have some more new items in my store also. While in Columbus Ohio for a Tole Painting Convention, my wife paints and buys supplies their, I saw many different wood items that would make great backgrounds and items for my photos.

Well I better let you go. Here is the web site for my etsy store. Please stop by and brows around. We also have a art supply store that sells Martin F Weber and Martin Universal items. I will post both sites.
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New photo coasters / photo plaques

I know its been a while but I wanted to let you know I have some new items at my etsy store PhotographyByRoger. You may visit my store by clicking: PhotographyByRoger. Stop by and take a look. I also will make custom photo coasters / plaques also.  My coasters and plaques make a great gift idea and may be used by anyone.